Sunday, June 1, 2014

Louis... The Sister They Never Knew

My Grandparents, Leonard "Pug" Owens and Nellie Mae Ruggles-Owens, had a total of 8 children. The first four consisted of Lloyd, Edna, Louis and Luis Burl. Aunt Louis was the first sibling of the first group of children to pass away. She died in her 5th year of life. The second group of children born were Hazel, Elva, Donna and Roberta. These four girls never knew their sister Louis.

On January 15, 2013, Elva became the first of the last four children to pass away. She was the 4th of all 8 children to pass. Louis being the first in 1936, Lloyd was the second to pass in 1997 and Luis Burl after Lloyd. Not sure of the date yet.

The surviving children, the oldest sister Edna and her last three younger surviving sisters: Hazel, Donna and Roberta are all that are left of the Owens Children. We, the grandchildren of Leonard and Nellie work together gathering information to share with our children. Aunt Bobby found this picture not realizing who all was in the picture. She shared this with her surviving sisters.

While the surviving sisters grieve the loss of another sibling, the younger three learn from Aunt Edna that among this treasured picture is the "Sister They Never Knew." The photo is of the first group of 4 children born to Leonard and Nellie Owens.  Sitting on the horse is the eldest sister Edna, Louis (in the middle), Luis Burl at the reigns and standing is the eldest brother Lloyd. This was the first time my Mother Donna, Aunt Hazel and Aunt Roberta have seen what their older sister Louis looked like before she passes away soon after this picture was taken. Sadly, Aunt Elva never got to see what Louis looked like. This picture was taken at the home of George Barto Ruggles and his wife Mrytle Ellen Bailey -Ruggles in Denver, Colorado on Jackson St, the Grandparents of these kids.