Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Family History of Tincy Loretta Howe - Mother of Leonard "Pug" Lawrence Owens

In researching my Grandfather Leonard Lawrence "Pug" Owens' family tree, I am coming across some amazing family  history. As I research the Howe line, I am also going through each wife of my Howe fore-fathers, trying to research each of the wives as far back as I can take them to learn more about their people. Below is the family line of Daniel Baker Howe to Abraham Howe. As I research each wife, I will link their name to their own post for easier access. This post will focus on the wife of Daniel Baker Howe, Tincy's mother, Eliza Ann Demerest.

  • Robert Howe of Hatfield-Broad-Oak, Essex County, England
  • Abraham Howe married Alice Mattocks
  • Abraham Howe married Hannah Ward
  • Daniel Howe married Elizabeth Kerley
  • Jonathan Howe married Sarah HapgoodSolomon 
  • Howe married Mary Howe
  • Lt. Zadok Howe married Rachel King
  • Solomon Howe married Persis Baker
  • Francis Howe married Nancy Paul
  • Daniel Baker Howe married Eliza Ann Demerest
  • Tincy Loretta Howe married Lawrence Owens
  • Leonard Lawrence "Pug" Owens married Nellie May Ruggles
  • Donna Joyce Owens married William Daniel "Danny" Matlock
  • Katherine Joyce Matlock married Douglas Glen Wigley, Sr.

     Tincy Loretta Howe


Daniel Baker Howe     and      Eliza Ann Demerest

Joseph Demerest     and      Sophronia Withey

I                                                 I
John Demerest & Abigail Thorpe      Eri Withey & Sarah Bishop

I                                                       I                          
Jacob Demerest & Unknown           Ephraim Withey & Alice Mulkins

I                                                           I                              

Benjamin Demarest & Elizabeth Pieterse De Groot       Rueben Mc Withey 
                                                                                                           & Zerviah Whitney            
I                                                                                             I                                 

David Desmarets & Rachel Cresson        David Mac Withey & Elizabeth Osborne

I                                                                       I                                        

David Desmarets & Marie (Maria) Sohier              James Mackerwithey & #2 Wife
                                                                                                     Experience or Patience Cubby          

David Desmarets:                                                                  James Mackerwithey:

Born: abt. 1620, Beauchamps,                                                Born: abt. 1630 in Scotland
           Picardie, France                      
Died: 30 July 1697 New Milford,
          Bergen Co., New Jersey
Buried: French Burying Ground in New Milford.
Parents: jean Demarest and Margrieta Deherville


There is a Sohier line in France searching out descendants and ancestors. If you are descended from a Sohier, you can send in your information HERE!