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Daniel Baker Howe and Elizabeth Ann Demerest - Parents of Tincy Loretta Howe

Daniel Baker Howe & Eliza Ann Demerest

Eliza Ann Demerest
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09 Mar 2012 Portrait / Family Photo /
Daniel Baker Howe
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09 Mar 2012 Portrait / Family Photo /

Daniel Baker Howe 
Francis Howe married Nancy Paul
Solomon Howe married Persis Baker
Lt. Zadok Howe married Rachel King
Solomon Howe married Mary Howe
Jonathan Howe married Sarah Hapgood
Daniel Howe married Elizabeth Kerley
Abraham Howe II married Hannah Ward
Abraham Howe I and Alice Mattocks
Robert Howe
of Hatfield-Broad-Oak, Essex County, England

Eliza Ann Demerest

Joseph Demerest     and      Sophronia Withey

I                                                 I
John Demerest & Abigail Thorpe      Eri Withey & Sarah Bishop

I                                                       I                          
Jacob Demerest & Unknown           Ephraim Withey & Alice Mulkins

I                                                           I                              

Benjamin Demarest & Elizabeth Pieterse De Groot       Rueben Mc Withey 
                                                                                                           & Zerviah Whitney            
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David Desmarets & Rachel Cresson        David Mac Withey & Elizabeth Osborne

I                                                                       I                                        

David Desmarets & Marie (Maria) Sohier              James Mackerwithey & #2 Wife
                                                                                                     Experience or Patience Cubby          

David Desmarets:                                                                  James Mackerwithey:

Born: abt. 1620, Beauchamps,                                                Born: abt. 1630 in Scotland
           Picardie, France                      
Died: 30 July 1697 New Milford,
          Bergen Co., New Jersey
Buried: French Burying Ground in New Milford.
Parents: jean Demarest and Margrieta Deherville


There is a Sohier line in France searching out descendants and ancestors. If you are descended from a Sohier, you can send in your information HERE!



1838 - 12 March Birth of Daniel Bake Howe in Evans Mills, Larry Jefferson County, New York to Francis Howe and Nancy Paul.

1846 - 2 June Birth of Eliza Ann Demerest in Eagle Township, Clinton County, Michigan to Joseph Demerest and Sophronia Withey.

1850 - Census - Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan
Joseph Demerest
b. New York
39 / Farmer
Sophrona Demerest
b. New York
Elias Demerest
b. New York
George Demerest
b. New York
Sarah Demerest
b. New York
Robert Demerest
b. New York
Martha Demerest
b.New York
Elmira J Demerest
b. Michigan
Eliza A Demerest
b. Michigan
John M Demerest
b. Michigan
1850 - 8 August Census - Eagle, Clinton County, Michigan - All born in New York.

1860 - 10-11 July Census - Danby, Ionia County, Michigan 
1860 - 29 June Census - Wheatfield, Ingham County, Michigan

NAME                                   AGE
E Demerest                               53
E Demerest                               14
J Demerest                                  9
Jas Demerest                               7

1862 - Daniel Baker Howe and Eliza Ann Demerest got married in Clinton County, Michigan!

1880 - 21 June Census - Township of Westphalia, Clinton County, Michigan

1895 - 1 March - Kansas State Census Collection - 1855 - 1925 - Sedgwick County

1900 Census - Eagle, Sedgwick County, Kansas
NAME                                   AGE
Daniel B Howe                          61
Eliza A Howe                            55
Harry R Howe                           13
Hattie M Howe                          13

1918 - 14 March - Death of Daniel Baker Howe in Eagle, Sedgwick County, Kansas

1919 - 2 June - Death of Eliza Ann Demerest-Howe in Eagle, Sedgwick County, Kansas