Friday, December 26, 2014

Leonard "Pug" Lawrence Owens' Nashville Star - His Daughter Roberta "Bobby" Kay Owens-Hogan

 I love my Aunt Bobby! She is such an awesome and exciting person to be around. Such a huge part of my childhood, she always impressed on me to take care of my skin. I was born in 1963 and was four months in to my fifth year of life when Aunt Bobby was signed by Nugget. When her music came out I remember Mom playing her recordings for hours.

 "We Got Love" is one of my favorite of the 10 songs she recorded. Of the five singles that were released, I've only managed to find via the internet and purchase three of them for my family's heritage memorabilia.

  1. Ruby's Stool - Listen here!
  2. Please Don't Let Me Want Him - Listen here!
  3. Fringe's of My Life 
  4. Since You've Been Gone
  5. We Got Love - 1969 
  6. Stolen Moments - 1970 - Listen here!
  7. Between Each Tear - 1970 - Listen here!
  8. It Don't Take A Fool  - Listen here!
  9. Time Take Another Day Away
  10. Decline And Fall of Me
Here is Lloyd Greene's website where he lists all the people he's recorded with. He has sound clip recordings playing steel guitar on Aunt Bobby's songs "BETWEEN EACH TEAR" and "STOLEN MOMENTS" both released as singles in 1970.

 Listen to the recordings of Aunt Bobbi singing "Please Don't Let Me Want Himand "Stolen Moments" at MISTERHONKYTONK and more at Armadillo Killer and Country Loon on Youtube.

Growing up in a musical family, having a father so musically talented himself, Aunt Bobby is just one of the siblings who learned to play and pass her talent on to her sons. Her brothers Lloyd and Lewis Buerl "Curly" also played instruments. Uncle Curly and his third wife also had a band.
Aunt Donna Vee and Uncle Curly - Sitting with guitar.